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Gluten-Free Cassava Pone Mix


Gluten-Free Cassava Pone Mix

  • Cassava Pone, or ‘pone’, as many Caribbeans lovingly refer to it as, is one of the quintessential Caribbean treats that you’ll find being served all over the islands. This is Caribbean comfort food at its finest.Cassava Pone is a rich, dense pudding made with sweet cassava, pumpkin and coconut. If you’ve not come across cassava before, it’s a root vegetable that is popular throughout the tropics. It’s also often referred to as manioc or yuka, and it’s the main ingredient in tapioca.

    This sweet treat can be eaten by itself or with a scoop of your favorite ice cream

  • Please store in a cool and shaded area. as this item will not require any refrigeration. Once opened and there is still a remaining balance of mixture to be used, seal and store in shaded area. utilized within a week after opening

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