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Caribbean-inspired, Gluten-Free Premix

Taste the difference



Simply Flemings is the leading provider of gluten-free Caribbean inspired premixes.

Our premixes are made with high-quality ingredients and authentic Caribbean flavors, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the delicious taste of the Caribbean, regardless of dietary restrictions.

Our premixes are perfect for making a variety of Caribbean dishes, from Pholourie to Coconut Bake to Cassava Pone. Simply add water, and you're ready to cook! Our premixes are also a great way to introduce your family and friends to the flavors of Caribbean cuisine. They're easy to use and produce delicious results, even if you're not a seasoned cook.

Simply Flemings is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality gluten-free Caribbean inspired products. Our mission is to make the delicious flavors of the Caribbean accessible to everyone.

Try our gluten-free Caribbean inspired premixes today and taste the difference!


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